About us

What is Saunamarsalkka?

Majureita on monta mutta on vain yksi Marsalkka. Established in 2022, Saunamarsalkka is a sauna-inspired apparel and accessories brand that offers funky and contemporary fashion or as we call it "saunawear". Based in the Nordics, our brand embarks on the cultural heritage of Finn people. Saunamarsalkka, believes in offering fashion that is sustainable and accessible. We created this brand with two things in mind: our love for the Finnish sauna combined with our love for streetwear. On meillä sauna, viina ja kirves is something that the Finland national team football supporters chant. We love this <3 but we also think that "on meillä sauna, marsalkka ja vaatteet" is something that might have been missing from the market and that's why we are here or simply just sauna merchandise.

Our Vision

We are not there yet, but to make it short and without bullshit - we'd like to become a "kansan vaatemerkki" which will probably take a lifetime -> but we are on the road to get there.

What we offer

From casual wear to funky accessories like beanies, caps, or t-shirts. We are constantly improving our products and design. We believe in sustainability and durability, so we also expect you to consider before shopping.                

Our Target Customers

The whole Finnish nation and anyone that want's to wear something sauna-styled nice piece of clothing.

Some pinpoints that people expect to be here:

  • Contribution tothe sauna culture
  • Saunawear as we want to call it
  • Made with love for sauna and an improving design

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